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*Weekly People <週刊人物社> April 8, 1998 full article


Reform the world's knowledge system with Korea's spiritual culture 

“Let’s open our wisdom to see things as they really are”​

Director, International Spiritual and Cultural Research Institute


 What do humans live for? How should humans live? For those who are serious about life, these questions are recognized as the most fundamental problems. Efforts to find answers to these questions have played an important role in human history. In almost every field of human activity such as politics, economy, science, technology, morality, etc., ceaseless efforts are being made to find answers to fundamental human problems. As a result of such efforts, order was established in human society and life became materially rich. However, the solution to the fundamental problem is only a small part.


 As society has been diversified and economic growth has advanced, the partial satisfaction of human needs has resulted in distorting humanity and encouraging a sense of alienation. In the end, humanity has come to face the reality that fundamental human problems cannot be solved by existing efforts alone.


 Here, I would like to introduce someone who can give you clear answers to these problems.

 “The insight to see things rightly is the key to solving all problems. It is the way to the truth(Natural Law) and gives us insight into the future. Our society, which is highly developed materially, is currently in a great crisis. The fundamental reason for this crisis is the absence of a sound spiritual culture and the lack of a philosophical discerning eye that can support economic prosperity. Just as how to lead a big wheel depends on how to make up our minds, destiny can be sufficiently changed by our individual active will.”

 Lee Sam-han, director of the International Institute of Mental Culture.


 He emphasizes that active love that knows the current situation as it is and does not harm others is the most urgent time.

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